City Wide has been installing air conditioners in Kansas City area homes since 1949. During that time period, we have seen the many types of homes that have been built in this area.

Air conditioner install photo for KC homes.They all have their unique challenges, and 70 years of experience has taught us that each home is different and needs its own air conditioning system.

And that installation starts with the process of having our specialist come out to your home.

Free Estimates Available to Analyze Your Air Conditioner Needs

City Wide provides free estimates when it comes time to replace your AC. Our adviser comes to your Kansas City area home to see what system works best based on the following:

  • How long will you stay in the home?
  • What is your budget?
  • What temperature do you set the thermostat?
  • Are there any hot spots we need to address for your comfort?

We will then recommend the best air conditioner for your home and have it installed by our experience technicians.

 Your Air Conditioner Replacement Covers All The Bases

When the technician comes to your home, you can be sure that you are receiving a quality air conditioner installation. All of our installations include the following as part of our standard procedure:

  • New air conditioner pad that is leveled
  • PVC drain pipe from evaporator coil to drain
  • New refrigerant line where possible
  • Removal and recycling of all applicable old equipment and materials
  • New properly sized circuit breaker for new air conditioner

In addition, we also seal all outdoor wall penetrations where wiring or refrigerant lines come into your home. We even install a new outside disconnect where possible with new wiring from the disconnect to the air conditioner.

If you need an air conditioner installed in Overland Park, Olathe, or anywhere in the Kansas City area, give City Wide a call. We will be happy to keep you cool!