indoor air qualityAt City Wide, we don’t just worry about the temperature of your indoor air in your Kansas City home. We worry about the overall quality including the humidity level and the purity. Indoor air quality is one of those areas that most homeowners don’t think about as much as the temperature.

But with today’s homes being designed to be airtight to help reduce energy loss, the air inside gets trapped and pollutants build up. City Wide Heating & Cooling, Inc. serves the entire Kansas City area with the following indoor air quality solutions:

  • De-Humidifier Service & Installation
  • Programmable/Wifi Thermostat Installation
  • Air Filters
  • Ductwork Repair & Installation

Indoor Air Pollutants

There are dozens of sources inside the typical home that pollute the indoor air. Building materials such as carpets, flooring and the products used to adhere, finish, clean and shine these areas all add to the bad indoor air. Furniture, curtains, dry cleaned clothes, all release gases or particles into the air. Don’t forget about cleaning products, personal care products (think hair spray & perfume) pesticides, and tobacco products too. They all build up inside your home, yet unlike outdoor pollutants, there is nowhere for them to go. Due to lack of ventilation, they continue to build up.

Indoor Air Solutions

City Wide can install many different types of high-efficiency air purification systems.  A standard one-inch air filter doesn’t trap very much of what is in the air in your home. We can install a thicker 4″ filter that will trap a good portion of the contaminants in your air. City Wide also can recommend HEPA filters as well. Call us today, and we’ll talk to you about all of the air filtering options available.

Programmable/Wi-fi Thermostats

thermostatInstalling a programmable and wi-fi thermostat can help save money by only having the heating and cooling operating when you are at home. If you have a consistent schedule, you can set the thermostat so the furnace and air conditioner does not operate while you are at work. This will save money on utility bills.

Newer programmable thermostats also have the capability to control other parts of your indoor air quality, including humidity and air filtration. Also, a wi-fi thermostat also allows you to control your equipment from your smart phone.

City Wide Heating & Cooling, Inc. can analyze your Kansas City home and recommend the best programmable thermostat to install. We’ll even show you how to use it!