What is a variable speed blower on a furnace?

A variable speed blower ramps the speed up and down on your furnace to help with air flow. This is really helpful on a two-story or multi-level home. With this type of blower you leave your fan on all the time. This helps to always circulate air in the home, which helps even out the hot spots and cold spots in a home. When in low mode, you can barely hear the motor working. But when your furnace or air conditioner kicks on, that blower will ramp up to full speed and provide heat or cold air to your home.

How often should you change your air filter?

It depends on the size of your filter. If you are using a 1" thick filter, you will want to change those on a monthly basis. If your filter is a 4" thick filter or bigger, you can change these a couple of times of year. There are also some filters that you can change once a year. Contact our office with the type of filter you have and we can let you know!

Is Preventive Maintenance Really Important On My Furnace & Air Conditioner?

Yes, it really is. Your furnace and air conditioner gets dirty from running on the time. So when they get dirty, they use more energy to run, which costs more in utility bills. In addition, dirt also makes the equipment work harder, which can actually shorten the life of your equipment.

Yearly preventive maintenance can really extend the life of the equipment and save you money.