Winter is winding down in Kansas City, which means your furnace has been working hard for a few months now. But is it too late to schedule a late season furnace tune-up? The technicians at City Wide Heating & Cooling don’t think so. In fact, it will actually benefit your home during air conditioner season to schedule a furnace tune-up now.

Your Heating & Cooling System Work Hand in Hand

In most homes, your cooling system is a part of the central heating system. Why? Both your furnace and air conditioner share the same ductwork to spread heat or air throughout your home. Because of this, when one system is tuned-up and working at its peak efficiency, the other system will work better as well. When your heating and cooling system is operating at its peak efficiency, you are saving money on your energy bills.

40% of All Furnace Breakdowns are Caused by Dirt Buildup

Did you know that 40% of all furnace breakdowns are caused by dirt buildup? When the parts of your furnace are dirty, they are causing the system to work slower, until eventually it breaks down. Your air conditioner unit also depends on these parts to work properly. When you call a heating and cooling company to tune-up your furnace they will check the cleanliness of your system, in addition to checking your blower motor, electrical connections, control boards and more.

To schedule a late season furnace tune-up, contact City Wide Heating & Cooling at 913-384-6006.