The heat of summer has descended on Kansas City, which means our air conditioners are working overtime. As a result, this additional run-time can lead to breakdowns and issues.

There are a couple of common issues that can lead to a breakdown, but with a little care can be avoided.

Check That Air Filter By Your Furnace

Air conditioner filter photo for KC homes.Pretty much every air conditioning system in Kansas City has an air filter. Usually they are located to the side of your furnace and filter the air blowing through your home.

But, that filter can get dirty. And if you do not change that filter on a regular basis, they can really impact the air flow for your air conditioning.

When that air flow starts to slow down, your air conditioning coil can freeze up because there isn’t enough air blowing through your system.

So make sure you check and change your filter on a regular basis to keep cool. That way you can avoid a costly repair to the air conditioner in your KC home.

Your Air Conditioner Outside May Be Really, Really Dirty

Dirty air conditioner in KCWhen your air conditioner runs, it brings air through the system when the fan runs outside. As a result, dirt and dust get into the air conditioner coils, much like the picture to the left.

Over time, that dirt can restrict how well that air conditioner operates. It can also freeze up the system because that air conditioner works too hard to keep up with your thermostat.

The outdoor air conditioner needs to be washed out on a regular basis to keep it working efficiently. If you choose to do it yourself, just make sure you shut off the power to your air conditioner and let it dry before you flip the breaker back on. Otherwise you can call a HVAC technician and schedule planned maintenance for your AC.