This time of year, air conditioners are running constantly in Kansas City area homes. And with as humid as it has been, that means they are pulling a lot of moisture from your home.

At some point, you may walk down to your utility room and furnace area and all of a sudden there is water all over your floor.

But where is that water coming from?

Your Air Conditioner Produces Condensation

When your furnace is running during air conditioner season, it is pulling all of that warm, moist air from the inside of your home. That warm air then passes over the cooling coil that sits above your furnace. This cooling coil is where the freon comes in from your air conditioner.

As that warm air passes over that cold coil, condensation is produced! Normally that condensation goes out through the line that goes down to your floor drain.

But sometimes, that drain line can get clogged up. And when that happens, it will overflow and get all over your floors. When that happens you can sometimes remove that hose and clean it out to get the residue out of the line.

Your condensation should then flow freely again!

Your AC Coil Drain Pan Might Be Failing

That indoor coil where the refrigerant line comes in has a drain pan underneath it. You won’t see this – it is inside the duct work right above your furnace.

But as those coils age, that drain pan can start to either rust out or crack. When this happens, you will usually see water running down the sides of your furnace and onto the floor.

At this point, it’s best to call an air conditioner repair company in the Kansas City area. If you are not comfortable with any of these repairs, you can always call City Wide at 913-384-6006, and we will send a technician to your home.