There are a lot of companies you can call for heating and cooling service in the Kansas City area. All of them offer basically the same things: maintenance plans, repairs, and new installations.

But how do you choose which one is the best for you? There are a couple of things you can look for in evaluating the best heating and cooling company for your family.

Are Their Technicians Paid On Commission?

A trend in the heating and cooling industry these days is to go to a Selling Technician model.

What this means for a customer is that the service technician dispatched to your home is paid based on what repairs they can find. They are then paid a commission for selling you that repair. In some cases the technician can even sell you a new system, and those commissions tend to be higher because of the cost of new equipment.

This can happen during a maintenance visit (that you have already paid for) or a demand call (where your equipment is broken and needs a repair).

City Wide Heating & Cooling does not pay their technicians a commission. The reason for this is it incentivizes the technician to look for something that may not be broken just to sell you a part.  City Wide’s philosophy is to offer an honest assessment of your system and present options that work best for you and your budget.

Is The Company a Family Owned and Operated Company?

Kansas City has a lot of great heating and cooling companies that started as family owned businesses. But eventually companies may change ownership, so that family feeling tends to disappear as time marches on.

City Wide Heating & Cooling has been family owned and operated since 1949. The family is still involved on a daily basis, and if you ever need a new system you will have one of the owners coming to your home to talk about your options.

Is Customer Service Just Words Or A Way of Life?

Every company declares “Our Customer Service is the best and we will provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee”. But are they willing to stand behind those words and stand behind their customer all of the time?

City Wide has built their reputation on making sure their customers are the most important thing. Because they are!

A company does not survive for over 70 years without caring about the service they provide and the happiness of the customer who makes it all possible. This philosophy has always been the driving force behind this company and always will.

The next time you need service, give City Wide Heating & Cooling a try. We would love to be your heating and air conditioner provider in the Kansas City area!