“Craftsman” is a word that is rarely thrown around these days. In a world where folks shop online and are always searching for the cheapest price or the most reviews, sometimes the quality of products and skill level of contractors may not be the most important thing.

George Ninemire has always been the exception to that thought process. A true craftsman in every sense of the word, he concludes an incredible career that saw him leave his mark in many homes and businesses in the Kansas City area. City Wide Heating and Cooling is pleased to announce the retirement of George Ninemire after a 35 year career with the company.

George grew up in the Kansas City area, and after high school spent 4 years of active duty in the United States Air Force. He was a jet engine mechanic, and they had a hard and fast rule – if you lost a tool nobody goes home until that tool is found. The idea being that a tool left inside a jet engine could be catastrophic for the pilot.  That is where he learned the importance of being thorough and meticulous.

He entered HVAC Trade School soon after that, and spent a few years with various companies in the Kansas City area.

He joined City Wide Heating & Cooling in 1986. He began his City Wide career working with Ted and Chris Duval installing replacement systems in residences throughout the Kansas City area. In 1998 he started working with Doug and Nick Duval in the Sheet Metal Division. This group installed ductwork and systems for both residential and commercial customers, so George was able to expand his level of expertise in all phases of heating and cooling development.

In 2008 he stayed with Doug Duval and starting focusing mostly on residential heating and air conditioning systems, and has worked on this side of the business through 2021.

George had a certain way of doing things: you do things right the first time. But he also took things further – George wanted things perfect and nothing but the best. He not only did this for the customers but he also did this for himself – it HAD to be perfect. Anything less than that was not good enough.

He learned these traits from his grandfather and father. Both men were mechanically inclined but also preached the right way is the only way to do things. George also attributed this to his German heritage, where perfection and pride is a required tenet of life.

George leaves an incredible legacy of work that is present in many homes and buildings in the Kansas City area. If you have a George Ninemire installation, you have a work of art. Everything always aligned perfectly. Everything was nice and level. Everything was symmetrical so when you looked at it you knew it was done well. George has always been a craftsman and always will be a craftsman.

City Wide Heating and Cooling is proud to have George as part of our company for 35 years. He will be missed, but in his time here he has also been able to pass a piece of his knowledge to other installers in the company.

We wish George well in his life of retirement. Congratulations…and thank you George!