Maintenance Plan IconJust like your car needs a tune-up occasionally, your furnace and air conditioner benefit from regular tune-ups as well. There are many benefits to an annual tune-up, but did you know there are even more benefits to signing up with City Wide Heating and Cooling for our Preventive Maintenance Agreement? It’s true. At City Wide, we believe having a tune-up is so important, we offer some extra perks when you sign up to automatically schedule a furnace and AC tune-up every year. Check out the details below.

Be First in Line

When you sign up for our PMA (Preventive Maintenance Agreement), you’ll not only get two tune-ups a year, you’ll get priority service. That means that if you have any trouble with your furnace or air conditioner at any time, you’ll get to go to the front of the line and receive service before any other customers who don’t have the PMA. It’s always great to be first in line.

Save on Parts & Labor

Besides being smart and keeping your equipment in tip-top shape by having a tune-up twice a year (one furnace, one AC), you’ll also save on repair costs. If you should require any repairs on your system you’ll get a 10% discount on all parts and labor. Not to mention that your chances of a breakdown are greatly reduced by having an regular maintenance.

Save on Energy Bills

A system that runs efficiently will use less energy to achieve the desired results. That means lower utility bills for you. Considering that heating and cooling your home accounts for over half of your energy bills, that can be a significant amount of money that’s staying in your pocket.

Sleep Easier Knowing Your Home Is Safe

Having your furnace and AC checked each year may also catch problems before they start. This not only reduces the risk of breakdowns which can be a hassle, but it also reduces the risk for fire or carbon monoxide hazards which can be a lot more than a hassle…they can be deadly.

Less Expensive Than Two Tune-Ups a Year

If you were to schedule two tune-ups a year (one for your furnace and one for your air conditioner), it would cost you more than becoming a Preventive Maintenance Agreement customer. With our PMA, you’ll get those tune-ups, and priority service. Plus, we include free air filters and humidifier pads. There are no extra charges unless something is broken. And then you get a discount on the parts and labor!

The City Wide Preventive Maintenance Agreement (PMA) is the most cost effective way to maintain your system. So if you’re going to get regular tune-ups every year anyway, why not take advantage of all of the extras you’ll get by signing up for our preventive maintenance agreement. It will cost you less. Call us today for information on how to sign up!  For the best heating or cooling services, call City Wide Heating and Cooling at (913) 384-6006 or (913) 236-5555. For special deals and promotions, be sure to check out our website!