Common furnace repairs in KC

Furnaces have been running constantly in the KC area this winter. Because of the really cold weather, furnace repairs are in high demand.

But there are some common repairs that we do on heating systems in Kansas City homes.

Four Furnace Repairs We See In Kansas City Homes


Blower Motor Repairs. The blower motor on your furnace is responsible for pushing that hot air through the duct work in your home. It is also responsible for delivering the cold air as well in the summertime.

Consequently, your blower motor is working 12 months out of the year. So when we have prolonged periods of usage, it is one of the parts that breaks down first.

Ignition Controls. Today’s furnaces don’t use pilot lights anymore. This is a good thing, since a draft in your basement will no longer blow that thing out on a cold night.

Furnaces use an ignition module that will start your natural gas when your furnace calls for heat. Over time, those igniters can wear out from a lot of usage. So when we see the bitter cold we have seen this winter, we repair a lot of furnace igniters.

Inducer Motors. The inducer motor on your furnace is responsible for making sure the flue gases escape your home through the furnace vents.

When they start to wear out, you can sometimes hear a funny noise coming from your furnace. As always, if you start to hear sounds that don’t sound “normal”, contact City Wide for a full assessment.

Pressure Switches and Limit Switches. These types of switches are safety features on your furnace and help to prevent your furnace from overheating or leaking gas into your home.

Over time, these switches can wear out just due to normal usage. But they are extremely important to making sure your furnace is operating safely.

All of these repairs can happen at a moment’s notice. But sometimes they can be detected early, like when a furnace tune-up is being done at your Kansas City area home.

City Wide Heating and Cooling offers planned maintenance for your heating system, so just let us know if you have any questions about your furnace!