Furnace technician in KC

It’s always a good idea to get the furnace tuned-up in your Kansas City home each heating season.

Regular maintenance on your furnace can help it run better, last longer, and identify possible breakdowns before they happen.

But have you ever wondered what actually happens on a furnace tune-up? Read below to find out!

A Furnace Tune-Up Covers All Components of Your Heating System

During your furnace maintenance, the technician will check all the parts of your furnace. This is to ensure your safety and also to make sure the furnace is running properly. Here is a list of things he will check on your heating system:

Carbon Monoxide. The technician will make sure your furnace is not emitting deadly carbon monoxide.

Blower Motor. The motor is checked to make sure it is working properly and not showing signs that it is wearing out.

Gas Valve. This is checked to make sure that the natural gas is flowing cleanly and properly.

Gas Burners. The technician checks to make sure the gas flames are burning cleanly and safely.

Heat Exchanger. This is checked to make sure there are no cracks or issues.

Venting System. The technician checks the vent pipes to make sure there are no cracks or splits to the venting system. This ensures that the flue gases properly escape your home.

Ignition System. Furnaces have an automatic ignition system, so the technician checks to make sure it is operating properly so it will light your furnace.

Filter Change. The tech will change or clean your air filter, which keeps your system running smoothly AND filters the air in your home.

Gas Piping. The gas pipes are checked around your furnace for signs of wear and tear.

Humidifier Service. If you have a humidifier, the pad is changed and the operation is checked to make sure it is working properly.

In addition, the technician will adjust your dampers if you have them, check your thermostat, and run your furnace. As a result of this work, you will know that your heating system is ready for the cold in Kansas City!