In Kansas City, when the temperatures begin to drop, most homeowners turn on their furnace or heat pump to keep warm. Over the summer months, your furnace sat idle and now it has been called into action. The furnace starts right up and seems to be working fine on this mildly chilly day, so do you even need to schedule a furnace tune-up this year?

The answer is yes. There are multiple advantages to having a furnace or heat pump tune-up other than keeping your house warm during the cold months. City Wide Heating & Cooling breaks them down below.

Furnace Tune-Ups Help to Ensure the Safety of Your Family

By having your furnace cleaned and checked once a year, you are helping to ensure the safety of your family. A furnace or heat pump is a machine that can cause fires, emit carbon monoxide, and could generate other safety hazards. By scheduling a furnace tune-up, City Wide Heating & Cooling will be able to catch any problems before they become dangerous.

Save Money on Energy Bills with a Furnace Tune-Up

A clean furnace is a happy furnace. Why? Dirt buildup can greatly affect the performance of your furnace or heat pump. Some statistics say dirt alone can make your furnace as much as 40% less efficient. Because of this, City Wide Heating and Cooling cleans your unit during one of our furnace tune-ups.

Additionally, our technicians will check, lubricate, tighten, balance, replace broken or worn parts, and provide a complete gas and electric safety check as well.

Avoid Breakdowns During the Cold Months of Winter

Imagine the first big snowstorm of winter. The kids are home from school, the fire is blazing and all of a sudden your furnace or heat pump breaks down. Brrr!

Having an annual tune-up will help you avoid inconvenient breakdowns similar to this. Furnace and heat pump tune-ups not only help your system run more efficiently, they also are helpful in catching small problems before they turn into large, expensive problems.

To schedule a furnace tune-up today, give City Wide Heating & Cooling a call.