Ahh, it’s finally summer vacation time. But before you run off to the beach, take a few minutes to “vacationize” your Kansas City home so you don’t waste money on energy while no one is home. City Wide has compiled the top eight tips to save money on energy bills while you’re away.


Turn Up Your Thermostat – while most people turn off their air conditioning completely, City Wide Heating and Cooling recommends that you simply turn it up. Since one of the main functions of your air conditioner is to remove humidity from the air, when you turn the AC off altogether, your house gets full of moisture. When you return home, the air is stale and sticky and it takes your unit a long time to remove all of the humidity.


Turn Down the Water Heater – You can either turn down the temperature or turn it off completely. There is no reason to heat a tank full of water 24/7 when no one will be using it. You may want to leave a sticky note on the fridge to remind you to turn it on/up again when you get home so you don’t end up with a cold shower the next morning. Also, note the temperature you had it set for. If you forget, 120 degrees is ideal for most homeowners.


Change the Filter – changing the air conditioner filter will help your system run better and also ensures that it doesn’t stop working while you’re gone because of a dirty filter that blocks the air flow.


Turn Off Ceiling Fans – ceiling fans don’t lower the temperature of a room, they simply circulate air. Moving makes us feel cooler by making the moisture on our skin evaporate. There’s no one there to enjoy the feeling of moving air, so why waste the energy.


Close Curtains and Blinds – heat from the sun will add quite a few degrees to a room simply shining through the window. Close all curtains and blinds before you leave town. (This also adds a measure of security by keeping people from being able to see inside your home and determine that you’re gone.)


Unplug Your Washing Machine and Dryer – Even if they aren’t used, just being plugged in allows these appliances to draw “vampire” energy. If the plugs are not in a convenient place, you can also just flip the breaker in the electrical box. Again, leave yourself a note to flip it back when you get home.  You may even want to err on the side of caution and turn the water off to the washer as well. That way, if a hose or a pipe bursts while you’re gone, you won’t come home to a flooded home.


Unplug Small Appliances – This will not only save you energy, it will also prevent an accidental electrical short from starting a fire.


Turn Your Refrigerator and Freezer Temperature Up – You can actually turn your refrigerator up to 38 degrees Fahrenheit without any food spoiling. You’ll want to remove any vegetables or perishables. You can also turn your freezer up to -5 degrees Fahrenheit and still keep items frozen.


Enjoy your vacation and don’t worry about the house while you’re gone. And go ahead and splurge a little on something knowing that you’re saving money on energy while you’re away! Remember City Wide Heating and Cooling in Kansas City  when you need heating and cooling repairs or installations in Kansas City.