We know that summertime in Kansas City brings high temperatures. However this year that does not have to mean high-energy bills. Instead, avoid cranking your air conditioner this summer and keep your home cool with these tips from City Wide Heating and Cooling!


Check Your Home’s Insulation to Avoid Wasting AC

Most people only think of insulating their homes in the winter when they can feel cold drafts. However hot air can creep in just as surely as cold, especially during the hot summer months. A simple way of finding drafts in your home is to walk around the interior of your house with a candle. When the candle begins to flicker around doors or windows, simply add a small line of weather stripping or caulk.

Draw the Blinds to Keep the Heat Out

A simple way to keep from having to crank the thermostat is to keep your blinds or curtains drawn during the hottest part of the day. Preventing those extra rays of sun from sneaking into your Kansas City area home can make a huge difference for your inside temperature. Try keeping your blinds drawn from 12-4 PM to experience the biggest savings.

Help Rooms Feel Cooler with Fans

Did you know that using a fan does not actually make a room any cooler? In fact, fans just make a room feel cooler. When the breeze begins to circulate around a room, it helps to evaporate sweat and reduce body heat. Ceiling fans are the best at moving air, but box fans or stand fans are also effective in helping to make a room feel cooler.

So there you have it, three tips to help you keep your home cool this summer! For more AC tips, give City Wide a call! Our team of experienced professionals provides air conditioning services to the entire Kansas City area, from AC repairs in Overland Park to air conditioner installations in Shawnee, and anywhere in between.