It looks like winter/spring/summer is right around the corner. At some point, the weather is going to get hot, and with all the rain we’ve had in the Kansas City area, that means we are going to have a really humid summer. Your air conditioner is really going to work overtime, which means it’s time to get it tuned up.

City Wide Heating and Cooling performs air conditioner tune-ups throughout the entire Kansas City area. An air conditioner tune-up checks your system to make sure that it is ready to run efficiently through the whole summer season. The City Wide performance tune-up:

  • Helps your AC run better = lower utility bills
  • Identifies possible issues before they happen
  • Helps your air conditioner last longer

City Wide has been serving the Kansas City area for over 60 years for both repairs, installations, and tune-ups of air conditioners and furnaces. So, if you are looking to avoid an air conditioner repair in Overland Park, Olathe, or anywhere in between, call us today. we’ll be happy to schedule your air conditioner maintenance today.