Cold woman needs furnace tune-up

Now that we are getting into the doldrums of winter, we start to think about warmer days ahead.

That’s hard to do when your furnace is working overtime on these cold Kansas City days.

But if you haven’t had your furnace serviced lately, now is a good time to do so. It gets grumpy and tired of furnace season too!

There are several benefits to a late-season furnace tune-up.

You Can Save Money on Your Heating Bills

In this area, our furnaces can sometimes run all the way through April. So there are still 3 months of potential high gas bills.

A furnace tune-up cleans and checks that furnace so that it is operating efficiently. You also receive a filter change, and a clean filter helps that blower motor work easier. As a result you end up using less utilities to heat your home, which saves you money.

A Furnace Tune-Up Can Also Help With AC Season

With our climate, it’s not unusual to go from furnace season to air conditioner season within a matter of days. So there have been times in April or early May where we get a really warm, humid day – especially if we have had a wet winter.

That clean furnace with a clean filter can really help when you turn that AC on for the first time. A clean filter can help prevent the AC coil from freezing up when you need your air conditioning.

And your system doesn’t have to work as hard, which can help save money on your utility bills.