Dirty KC air conditioner photo

Warmer weather is right around the corner here in the Kansas City area. Consequently we will be turning on our air conditioners soon. And unfortunately, sometimes that air conditioner will need to be repaired.

Here are some common air conditioner issues and the possible repairs.

Your Air Conditioner Fan is Not Spinning Outside

This could be a couple of things. One of these is that the condenser fan motor has gone bad. This can happen over time, especially in an older air conditioner unit. The fan motor can simply be replaced and your air conditioner will work again.

The other possibility is that you have a bad capacitor. The capacitor is a cylindrical part that stores electricity to help start your air conditioner compressor. It also works with your condenser fan motor as well.

This part will go bad, and sometimes you will hear a humming sound outside near your air conditioner. This is also a relatively simple air conditioner repair.

Your Air Conditioner Is Making an Awful Noise

This one is one of the more scary situations. Your air conditioner comes on and all of a sudden you hear an awful noise like metal clanging against metal.

What usually happens is the fan blade on your air conditioner has gone out of balance, so the blades are hitting against the other parts of your air conditioner. If this happens, shut off your AC immediately and call for a repair.

Your Air Conditioner Just Won’t Turn On

This could be a combination of things, including the parts mentioned above. It’s also possible your AC breaker tripped in your electrical panel, so you’ll want to always check that first.

The other possibility is that your compressor has gone bad. This is the main part of your air conditioner because it pumps the refrigerant into your home. This is also one of the more expensive repairs to an air conditioner. If your compressor has gone bad, there is a good chance you may just be replacing that system.

This normally happens on an older air conditioner, so it may have been time to replace anyway.

Contact City Wide Heating & Cooling if you experience any air conditioner issues in your KC area home. We will send a technician over and get you cooling again!