Furnace tune up

As summer starts to wind down, cooler weather (and then the cold weather) is on the way to the Kansas City area. That means that it is almost time to turn on the furnace to keep us warm.

The question is: will your heater be ready the first time you turn it on? And when it does turn on for the first time, will it work and will it be safe to run?

A furnace check up is a good idea to answer those questions. Here are a few reasons why regular furnace preventive maintenance is really important!

Furnace Maintenance Keeps You Safe

Furnaces in the Kansas City area mainly use natural gas to produce heat. So one of the first things that technicians will check is to make sure there are no gas leaks in the furnace or the gas piping around the unit.

Burning natural gas also produces carbon monoxide, which typically leaves your home through the vent pipes. The tune-up will check to make sure the furnace is venting properly, and also checks to make sure there are no cracks in the furnaces heat exchanger.

A Heating Tune-Up Helps Identify Problems

It always seems like our furnace breaks down at the worst possible time. It’s either the coldest day of the year or on a holiday right before family is supposed to come visit.

Regular maintenance can help identify potential issues before they happen so repairs can be made in advance. Some of the things that can be checked include:

  • Blower motor and capacitor
  • Gas valve
  • Furnace igniter
  • Blower wheel
  • Inducer motor
  • Burner assembly

In addition, the technician will also change the filter and check the humidifier.

Your Furnace Can Last Longer

By performing regular preventive maintenance, your heating system can actually last longer. Regular cleaning and checking helps the system run more efficiently. Consequently, the moving parts don’t wear down as quickly. This means your furnace may last a few extra years, which saves you from having to replace your furnace frequently.


In addition, you can actually save a few bucks on your utility bills, because a clean furnace with a clean filter will actually use less natural gas to heat your home. Which will save you money on your gas bill!


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