Humidifier helps with dry skin in KC homes.How many times have you walked across your Kansas City area living room in the winter, touched a door knob, and shocked your finger to the point where it makes you jump back a little bit?

And then, 20 minutes later you do it again. But why does this happen, and what can you do about it?

Humidity BAD in Summer, but GOOD in Winter

Your home is dry. When winter comes along, the humidity that we feel all summer goes away. The dry air that is outside is also inside as well. Consequently, you start to build up the static electricity that causes that “shocking” experience with your door handle.

But a dry home also causes other issues. Your wood floors or furniture can start to crack because the wood starts to dry out over the winter.

Your skin starts to become itchy and your sinuses start to get dry because there is no moisture in the air to keep you comfortable. This can lead to all kinds of issues with your health.

Dry air also feels colder. As we know from summer, humid air makes us feel warm. So the question is, how do you fix all of these issues?

Install A Humidifier In Your KC Area Home

A whole-house humidifier is the answer to your prayers. A humidifier hooks up to your furnace and your thermostat and adds the proper amount of moisture to your home to alleviate the issues that you face with a dry home.

A humidifier can make you feel more comfortable AND save you a few bucks on your heating bills. When you feel warmer, you tend to turn the thermostat down a degree or two. On top of that, you should see less static shock and skin that feels more comfortable.

A humidifier can be installed in just about any home. You can install a humidifier in Overland Park homes, older homes in the Waldo and Mission Hills area, and everywhere in between.

Add one today, and take “charge” (get it) of your comfort this winter!