Setting air conditioner thermostat for KC home.If you are like most homeowners in the Kansas City area, you turn your air conditioner on the day your house really starts to warm up. Some people even try and wait as long as possible to try and save money on their cooling bills.

While there is nothing wrong with either of these, it IS a good idea to turn your air conditioner on BEFORE you really need it. And here is the main reason why:

Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Still Works

A large majority of breakdowns of air conditioning systems occur when they are first turned on for the season. So you want to know this BEFORE the outdoor temperature gets really hot.

That way you can get your air conditioner serviced and repaired early – before the mad rush of air conditioning season.

So When Do You Turn Your AC On? Good Question.

Before you turn the air conditioner on in your KC area home, make sure of the following two things:

  1. Check your weather. In this area, make sure the outdoor temperature is above 65 degrees and has been for about 3 days before you turn on the AC.
  2. Check your furnace filter to make sure it’s nice and clean. If it is dirty, replace it!

And if you are uncomfortable changing your filter or are worried about turning on your air conditioner, schedule preventive maintenance on your air conditioning system. A simple AC tune-up can make sure your system is fully cleaned and operational before the season.

City Wide Heating & Cooling can answer all your air conditioner questions for your home in the Kansas City area.