ac-furnace-checkAt City Wide Heating & Cooling, we often get phone calls from KC homeowners that require us to come out to their home and check on a few things. Many times it is for something simple that they could have checked themselves. So to save you from the fee that is often associated with a service call, our technicians put together a list of five things to check on before calling a heating and cooling company.

Double Check That Your Furnace or Air Conditioner Is On

We know that this sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised by the number of times that we have come out to a home to fix an air conditioner or furnace problem just to find out that the system was not even turned on. Switch your thermostat over to “Heat” or “Cool” depending on the season and turn the temperature up or down enough for the system to kick on.

Change Your System’s Dirty Filter

It is recommended that you change your heating and cooling system’s filter at least every three months. This filter is used to collect dust and dirt that could damage your system’s blower and push this debris through your home’s air. When a filter is not changed for a few months, your system can slow down and in some models even stop working. Be sure to take this step to keep your furnace working efficiently.

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Replace The Batteries in Your Thermostat

If your thermostat is showing a blank screen and your system is not working, try replacing the batteries in your thermostat. To do this, pull off the cover. Many homeowners forget that their thermostat requires batteries because they do not need to be replaced very often.

Double Check That Your Vents Are Open

Is a room in your home not cooling down during the warmer months or heating up during the cooler months? Chances are that there is a vent closed in the room not allowing that hot or cool air to enter the room. Make sure that vents are open to allow air to flow through your room.

Make Sure Nothing Is Blocking Your Return Air Vent

If your room is uncomfortable, also check the return air vent before calling a professional heating and cooling company. Make sure that the vent is not blocked by furniture in the room. If this still does not help to make your room comfortable, there are options such as temperature zoning or ductwork inspection to find the problem.

Tried all of these tips and still having troubles with your heating and cooling system? Give the City Wide Heating & Cooling team a call today at 913-384-6006.