Furnace MaintenaceWhile we typically recommend Kansas City area homeowners get a furnace tune-up before furnace season gets going, it’s still a good idea to get one during the peak of winter if you forgot this fall.

A late season furnace tune-up can help your furnace perform well for the rest of the heating season and it can also help your system come air conditioning season.

From Independence to Olathe, furnace maintenance performed by the heating and cooling experts at City Wide Heating & Cooling are the most comprehensive in the Kansas City area.

Freshen It Up for Efficiency

Winter tends to drag on, especially here in the Midwest. Your furnace has probably been running for several months now and could use a little TLC. In just the few months that your furnace has been running, it has probably accumulated a lot of dust and debris, clogging up many of its vital parts. Keep things humming along by freshening up your furnace system with a late season tune-up.

What Is Good for Your Furnace Is Good for Your Air Conditioner

A late season furnace tune-up is actually a great way to prepare your heating and cooling system for the warmer months. Your furnace and air conditioner share a lot of the same parts when they operate, so taking care of the basics doesn’t just help one system, it helps both!

Both systems use air filters, ductwork, your furnace blower and condensing unit to pump fresh air through your home. Our ultimate furnace tune-up will take care of and refresh each of these heating and cooling parts as well as so many more.

Keeping your furnace efficient for the rest of winter can also translate to a more efficient air conditioner in the spring and better efficiency means lower heating and cooling bills.

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