How to Solve Those Dry Air Problems in Your KC Home

Humidifier photoAs we all know from living through Kansas City summers, humidity is a serious problem.

It makes us all hot and uncomfortable and generally miserable, especially when high temperatures are involved as well.

But, as we transition from summer to fall, we start to turn our furnaces on for winter. And when the cold comes, we go from all humidity to no humidity.

As a result our houses turn into a dry, scratchy home.

Whole House Humidifiers Help Solve Dry Air Problems

We are all familiar with the signs. You walk across the carpet and touch a door handle, only to receive that surprise electric shock. A humidifier runs in conjunction with your furnace and delivers moist air to your home.

A humidifier can help:

  • Reduce static shock
  • Reduce cracking on woodwork
  • Keep skin from getting itchy
  • Make house feel warmer

Installing a whole house humidifier in your Kansas City home helps alleviate all those issues. Our technicians can easily install one on an existing heating system. Just contact our office at 913-384-6006 with any questions or to schedule an appointment!


A Late Season AC Tune-Up Can Be Helpful

AC repair photo for KC homesAs the calendar turns to August here in the Kansas City area, we can see the end of summer on the horizon.

It also means your air conditioner has been working overtime, especially since summer started early in May this year.

Because of that long cooling season, a late season air conditioner tune-up can make some sense. Here are a few reasons why.

Dog Days of Summer Still Need Air Conditioning

There are still at least 4 to 6 weeks of summer remaining. Because of our early summer this year, your air conditioner has been running more than usual.

And when it runs that much, several things can happen:

  1. The condenser coils get dirty because the fan pulls in dust and dirt.
  2. The fan motor and blade are running more, which can lead to failure.
  3. Your indoor filter gets dirty quicker because that motor is running more often.

An air conditioner tune-up can check all of those items and get your system running clean again for the summer stretch run.

An AC Tune-Up Can Actually Help Furnace Season

When you have your air conditioner tuned-up, the technician can also check the blower motor on your furnace to make sure it is running well.

This benefits you in heating season because he can discover any issues that may be happening before it breaks down on a cold night.

In addition, the regular filter change always benefits your system because it traps the dirt and grime and keeps it away from the moving parts of your furnace.


Why Your Air Conditioner Might Be Leaking Water

This time of year, air conditioners are running constantly in Kansas City area homes. And with as humid as it has been, that means they are pulling a lot of moisture from your home.

At some point, you may walk down to your utility room and furnace area and all of a sudden there is water all over your floor.

But where is that water coming from?

Your Air Conditioner Produces Condensation

When your furnace is running during air conditioner season, it is pulling all of that warm, moist air from the inside of your home. That warm air then passes over the cooling coil that sits above your furnace. This cooling coil is where the freon comes in from your air conditioner.

As that warm air passes over that cold coil, condensation is produced! Normally that condensation goes out through the line that goes down to your floor drain.

But sometimes, that drain line can get clogged up. And when that happens, it will overflow and get all over your floors. When that happens you can sometimes remove that hose and clean it out to get the residue out of the line.

Your condensation should then flow freely again!

Your AC Coil Drain Pan Might Be Failing

That indoor coil where the refrigerant line comes in has a drain pan underneath it. You won’t see this – it is inside the duct work right above your furnace.

But as those coils age, that drain pan can start to either rust out or crack. When this happens, you will usually see water running down the sides of your furnace and onto the floor.

At this point, it’s best to call an air conditioner repair company in the Kansas City area. If you are not comfortable with any of these repairs, you can always call City Wide at 913-384-6006, and we will send a technician to your home.

How You Can Avoid an Air Conditioner Service Call in Kansas City

AC Repairman in Kansas City

With the weather heating up in Kansas City, our air conditioners are working full-time.

A large amount of AC repairs happen right when you turn them on the first time, but there are some things homeowners can do to avoid a service call. Here are a few of them:

Check and Replace Your Furnace Filter

A clogged air filter can block air flow, which makes your system work harder. This means it costs more in electricity to run your air conditioner.

Your air conditioning system also needs good air flow, so a clogged filter can actually disrupt it so much your AC coil may freeze. If you see ice forming near your air conditioner or near your refrigerant lines inside, check your filter first.

If it’s clogged, change the filter, let your system thaw out, and turn it on again.

Look At The Electrical Breaker For Your Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner doesn’t kick on in your KC area home, check the AC breaker in your electrical panel. It may have been accidentally turned off or switched off for a variety of reasons.

We’ve seen scenarios where a contractor turned it off to work on something completely different in your home. For example, a hardwood floor company may use that spot so they can run their floor sander when refinishing hardwood floors.

Check your breaker first before calling City Wide.

Change the Batteries in Your Thermostat

Most programmable thermostats have batteries that make them operate. If your cooling isn’t working one day, go look at your thermostat.

If the screen is blank, gently pry the thermostat off the wall, look at the back, and replace the batteries with fresh ones. This simple fix can avoid an air conditioning service call.

As always, if you are uncomfortable with any of these scenarios, just give City Wide a call. We are always happy to repair the air conditioner in your Kansas City area home!


Does Your R-22 Air Conditioner Need to Be Replaced?

R-22 check

As you may have heard, the air conditioning industry is going to change in the year 2020. Older air conditioners use a refrigerant called R-22, which was commonly called Freon™.

Here in Kansas City, there are a lot of those air conditioners still installed in area homes.

This R-22 refrigerant is being phased out by the year 2020, which means it will no longer be manufactured or imported into our country. Supplies will be available, but it will be limited to stock on hand or recycled refrigerant and could be expensive.

City Wide has been getting a lot of questions regarding whether R-22 air conditioners need to be replaced by the year 2020. There are basically two scenarios that would answer these questions.

Your Air Conditioner Has Never Been Re-Charged With R-22

Refrigerant is not like gasoline in a car – your air conditioner doesn’t use it up to run and then needs to be recharged every year.

If you haven’t put Freon™ in your air conditioner, then you more than likely don’t have a leak. And if you don’t have a leak, that refrigerant could stay there for many years. Which means you can wait to replace your air conditioner.

If it ever develops a leak, especially after the year 2020, you may need to replace your air conditioner depending on the cost of available R22. But by then it be old and inefficient, so it will be time to replace it anyway!

You Have Had To Re-Charge Your Air Conditioner Almost Every Year

Your system has a leak and it should be replaced before the year 2020. As we get closer to that date, the cost of R-22 is going to go up every year.

And since most leaky air conditioners are old, it is usually time to replace it anyway. So now would be a good time to get a free estimate and start thinking about replacing that AC in your Kansas City area home.

Contact City Wide Heating & Cooling in Kansas City at 913-384-6006 with any questions or to schedule your free estimate.


Are There Common Furnace Repairs For KC Homes?

Common furnace repairs in KC

Furnaces have been running constantly in the KC area this winter. Because of the really cold weather, furnace repairs are in high demand.

But there are some common repairs that we do on heating systems in Kansas City homes.

Four Furnace Repairs We See In Kansas City Homes


Blower Motor Repairs. The blower motor on your furnace is responsible for pushing that hot air through the duct work in your home. It is also responsible for delivering the cold air as well in the summertime.

Consequently, your blower motor is working 12 months out of the year. So when we have prolonged periods of usage, it is one of the parts that breaks down first.

Ignition Controls. Today’s furnaces don’t use pilot lights anymore. This is a good thing, since a draft in your basement will no longer blow that thing out on a cold night.

Furnaces use an ignition module that will start your natural gas when your furnace calls for heat. Over time, those igniters can wear out from a lot of usage. So when we see the bitter cold we have seen this winter, we repair a lot of furnace igniters.

Inducer Motors. The inducer motor on your furnace is responsible for making sure the flue gases escape your home through the furnace vents.

When they start to wear out, you can sometimes hear a funny noise coming from your furnace. As always, if you start to hear sounds that don’t sound “normal”, contact City Wide for a full assessment.

Pressure Switches and Limit Switches. These types of switches are safety features on your furnace and help to prevent your furnace from overheating or leaking gas into your home.

Over time, these switches can wear out just due to normal usage. But they are extremely important to making sure your furnace is operating safely.

All of these repairs can happen at a moment’s notice. But sometimes they can be detected early, like when a furnace tune-up is being done at your Kansas City area home.

City Wide Heating and Cooling offers planned maintenance for your heating system, so just let us know if you have any questions about your furnace!