Humidifier photoAs we all know from living through Kansas City summers, humidity is a serious problem.

It makes us all hot and uncomfortable and generally miserable, especially when high temperatures are involved as well.

But, as we transition from summer to fall, we start to turn our furnaces on for winter. And when the cold comes, we go from all humidity to no humidity.

As a result our houses turn into a dry, scratchy home.

Whole House Humidifiers Help Solve Dry Air Problems

We are all familiar with the signs. You walk across the carpet and touch a door handle, only to receive that surprise electric shock. A humidifier runs in conjunction with your furnace and delivers moist air to your home.

A humidifier can help:

  • Reduce static shock
  • Reduce cracking on woodwork
  • Keep skin from getting itchy
  • Make house feel warmer

Installing a whole house humidifier in your Kansas City home helps alleviate all those issues. Our technicians can easily install one on an existing heating system. Just contact our office at 913-384-6006 with any questions or to schedule an appointment!