variable speed furnace photoBack in the old days, homes in Kansas City would have a traditional furnace and air conditioner.

When the thermostat called for heating or cooling, the furnace would kick on, and soon we would be warm or cold depending on the season.

You didn’t give it much thought, but did you know furnace technology has changed over the years?

Single Speed Blower Versus a Variable Speed Blower For Your Furnace

In the past, your furnace blower typically had one speed – on. When your thermostat kicked on, the blower would kick on at full speed and deliver the hot or cold air at a high rate of speed.

The thermostat would get satisfied, the system would kick off, and you would then wait for the next time the thermostat called for heating or cooling.

As a result, you would have a quick heat up or cool down, followed by periods where it would get uncomfortable until the thermostat called for the system to come on again.

A variable speed blower works a little bit differently. You leave your fan on all the time, and the blower will ramp down to a low speed when the thermostat is not calling for heating or cooling.

Because of this, the system is always recirculating the air throughout your home. Your comfort is then increased because it takes all that hot and cold air and redistributes it constantly.

This helps to even out those hot and cold spots in your home. When the thermostat calls for heating or cooling, that blower ramps up and delivers the conditioned air at a normal rate of speed.

Variable speed blowers also help two story houses because all the air that rises and falls due to the open staircase can be recirculated throughout the home.

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